2020 Java + Processing + Arduino

2020 Java + Processing + Arduino

2020 Java + Processing + Arduino2020 Java + Processing + Arduino2020 Java + Processing + Arduino

Dedicated to teaching computer science to middle school students in the Denver Tech area.

About Our Camp



Founded by two Cherry Creek High School Computer Science students, our camp aims to foster interestin computer science for middle school students. 


Teaching the basics of computer science using coding languages such as Processing and Java. Projects created include games such as Tic Tac Toe, Brick, Bouncing Ball, and Maze. Speakers also come to share their experience in the computer science field and organize fun STEM related activities such as building a robotic finger simulation. 


Last year's students went on to pave the way for computer science in their communities. Many are taking or signed up to take computer science coursesat Cherry Creek High School. Others have founded their own programming clubs! Some have contacted us for questions about code or extra resources to use to code.