About Us


Siddarth Ijju

A senior at Cherry Creek High School, Siddarth has exhausted the CS curriculum his sophomore year and has taken CS courses at Denver University. He was part of CCHS's ACSL team to the All-Star competition and is also ranked in the USACO Gold Division. He has knowledge of the languages of Processing, Python, Java, C++, SQL, and Swift. He is also a board member of Technology Student Association Club and Co-President of the Cybersecurity Club. Aside from computer science, Sid competes on the Varsity CX Debate Team and placed third in the Robotics and Intelligent Machines category at the 2019 International Science and Engineering Fair.


Nicole Chen

A junior at Cherry Creek High School, Nicole has exhausted all the computer science courses her sophomore year and scored a perfect score on the 2018 AP Computer Science Exam. She is President of Technology Student Association and has knowledge of the languages Processing, Java, SQL, C#, HTML, and Swift. In 2019, she was selected on Creek's 2019 ACSL team, won the 2019 Youth Tech Leader in the CTE APEX Awards and the NCWIT Aspirations in Computer Colorado Award. This year, she was recognized as the NCWIT National Honorable Awardee. Aside from computer science, Nicole is on the Lincoln Douglas Varsity Debate Team and is a nationally ranked fencer.